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Investment Philosophy


Emerging markets have unique characteristics and opportunities which make on-the-ground investment management a necessity.

Our funds benefit from active on-the-ground management from our extensive network of over 790 portfolio managers, who collectively manage more than USD $1.4 trillion in assets.

Our sub-advisors have first-hand knowledge of the companies in which they invest, based on actual company visits and management meetings. Our sub-advisors understand the economic, social, and political nuances of their individual markets, living and breathing local conditions. This, and their ability to identify opportunities outside relevant indices, gives us a distinct competitive edge over our competitors.

When selecting sub-advisors, we use a rigorous due diligence process. We begin by screening a full manager universe for potential candidate firms, using a series of quantitative performance and risk metrics, while looking for a shared belief in a growth-at-reasonable-price philosophy. We further research short-listed firms using questionnaires, detailed performance attribution, independent research, conference calls, and interviews to identify the best sub-advisors.

Handpicking the best sub-advisors is only the first step in the process. We also rigorously monitor our sub-advisors to ensure consistent absolute and relative performance, maintenance of risk disciplines, style consistency, and compliance adherence. Activities such as security trading are monitored daily, while others, such as detailed performance attribution and competitive benchmarking, are conducted on more useful frequencies.