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Investment Philosophy


Excel Investment Counsel Inc. (“EIC”) manages and oversees our entire emerging markets platform. It acts as a portfolio manager, and actively manages our network of global sub-advisors.

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Senior Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer, Christine Tan has been in the investment industry since 2001. Prior to joining Excel, was a portfolio manager at a well-known wealth management firm, where she co-managed a C$1 billion portfolio of high net worth and institutional assets. Christine holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business, a BSc from the University of Alberta, and has held the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation since 2006. She is frequently quoted in Canadian media outlets on emerging markets investing.

Our investment philosophy produces superior growth, without undue risk. We take a disciplined, long-term view to realize full value from our investments, and use the hybrid Quality Growth at Reasonable Price (Q-GARP) approach, which avoids the extremes found in both growth and value investing. Although every emerging market has its own unique characteristics, globally competitive companies share common characteristics, such as sustainable growth potential, visionary corporate management, and fundamentally good corporate governance.

For individual security selection, we concentrate on bottom-up company research to select well managed, well-capitalized companies with sustainable, above-average growth, trading at relatively low valuations. This provides growth, while carefully managing price risk under all market conditions. We prefer concentrated portfolios of leading companies with competitive advantages, secular growth prospects, visionary management, and strong balance sheets.

For determining optimal country and currency allocations, we use a macro approach. We also employ sell disciplines and currency overlays to carefully manage client risk.