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Established in 1998, Excel Funds has grown to become a leader in the emerging markets investment space, offering the widest selection of emerging markets funds to Canadian investors. Our suite of investment products leverage best in class portfolio managers and a far-reaching network of on-the-ground sub-advisors in markets around the globe, leading to us being recognized as “The Authority in Emerging Markets”.

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EM Equity Funds Fund Code*  YTD   1-Yr   3-Yr   5-Yr   SI**  Inception Date
Excel India Fund EXL 600 - - - - - 01/05/2005
Excel Chindia Fund EXL 601 - - - - - 04/06/2005
Excel China Fund EXL 603 - - - - - 02/27/2005
Excel Latin America Fund EXL 606 - - - - - 06/24/2009
Excel BRIC Fund EXL 608 - - - - - 11/22/2009
Excel Emerging Markets Fund EXL 609 - - - - - 11/04/2010

Blue Chip Funds Fund Code*  YTD   1-Yr   3-Yr   5-Yr   SI**  Inception Date
Excel Blue Chip Equity Fund EXL 612 - - - - - 10/20/2011
Excel Blue Chip Balanced Fund EXL 614 - - - - - 10/04/2013

Fixed Income Funds Fund Code*  YTD   1-Yr   3-Yr   5-Yr   SI**  Inception Date
Excel High Income Fund EXL 611 - - - - - 11/04/2010
Excel Money Market Fund EXL 605 - - - - - 01/22/2008

Closed End Fund Fund Code  YTD   1-Yr   3-Yr   5-Yr   SI**  Inception Date
Excel India Growth & Income Fund - - - - - - 05/26/2015

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* Fund Code of Front Load Sales Charge
** Since inception day


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