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Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Mission to India to Boost Bilateral Relations

India will be at the centre of Ontario’s political universe for the next fortnight.

Premier Kathleen Wynne will be leading a 70-member delegation to India for 10 days, where she will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and visit the Indian states of New Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad and Mumbai, Amritsar and Agra.

Premier Wynne will meet with government and industry policymakers to discuss how the two countries can best partner with each other, as India works toward achieving its own goals of sustainable development. She will also highlight Ontario’s expertise in clean technology and infrastructure and how this is a key area for collaboration, as India plans to roll out ‘smart cities’

in the near future. The mission is expected to result in several new agreements that will create jobs and boost the provincial economy.

“By growing our presence in India, which is the world’s second-biggest country [by population] and one of the fastest-growing economies on the planet, we’re diversifying our trade and investment partners and we’re building a more resilient Ontario economy,” Wynne was reported saying.

“We have worked for decades in Ontario to establish partnerships between India and Ontario, and our economies... are arguably more aligned than ever right now”.

Currently, some 700,000 Ontarians are of Indian descent, so the ties between the province and India are already strong.

There is greater scope for further improvement in bilateral trade between Ontario and India. In 2014, the most recent year for which figures are available, Ontario exported only $307 million in goods to India and imported $1.62 billion.

India’s acting consul general in Toronto, R.K. Perindia, sees Wynne’s visit in a positive light. “We feel that the time is right for Canadian businesses to look at India.” He added: “India wants to enhance its trade relations with Ontario, especially in areas of urban planning, higher education, green energy, health care, and transit. There are many more sectors where Canada can help India.”


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