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The Past, Present and Future of Emerging Markets Investing: a Success Story

Emerging markets continue to be a prime target of investors

Emerging markets have undergone a notable evolution over the past two decades. Gone are the extreme boom and bust scenarios of the 90’s, when emerging nations struggled to absorb external shocks to their economies. Today, successful reforms and a shift to consumption-driven models have seen countries such as India and China far eclipse their developed counterparts in terms of growth and development.

Superior risk-adjusted returns

Emerging markets have stabilized and now offer the potential for superior risk-adjusted returns along with diversification benefits. By 2020, GDP growth in emerging nations is expected to reach 5.3 percent versus 1.9 percent in developed countries.1 The lower salaries and untapped potential of these nations make them a ripe target for savvy investors looking for a great place to put their funds. For investors that have sought to take advantage of the many opportunities in emerging markets, their journey has been one of success. Excel Funds has long been a proponent of emerging markets, maintaining an award-winning suite of investment strategies focused solely on this sector.

Continued success in emerging markets investing

This month two of our products, the Excel Emerging Market Fund and the Excel High Income Fund, celebrate 5 years of investment excellence. These two funds are our most successful, and this is due to our in-depth expertise as well as the opportunities that these nations present. Movers and shakers from around the world know that intelligent investing is as much about feel and intuition as it is about numbers. Make sure you put your money in the trusted hands of a company that knows what it is doing. Excel Fund’s emerging market fund continues to be the prime vehicle used by blue-chip investors around the world to get in on the action in the world’s most lucrative developing economies. These nations present high rewards for relatively little risk. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you.

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1 International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook Database.


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