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The Compelling Case for Investing in Emerging Market Debt

The geographically diversified emerging market debt universe is significantly larger and less risky than it was 15 years ago and currently provides substantially greater total returns than developed markets, making it an ideal solution for income seeking investors.1

As emerging markets (referred to interchangeably as EM or EMs) mature into the drivers of global growth, the structural case for investing in emerging market debt (EMD) has become increasingly convincing. As a result, the once niche asset class has rapidly evolved into a fully integrated segment of the global bond market and is attracting growing interest from both institutional and retail investors.

More importantly, EMD on average, has provided superior returns relative to developed market (DM or DMs) debt and is an ideal solution for income-seeking investors in the current low interest rate environment present in DMs, where yields are normally about one-third of those in EMs.

1 Bloomberg data, as of June, 2015.

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