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Foreign Institutional Investors to Help Boost Indian Capital Markets

The Reserve Bank of India is spurring growth

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has played a key role in facilitating foreign inflows of capital most recently by expanding the limit that FIIs are allowed to make in Indian capital markets. Furthermore, FIIs have also been allowed by the RBI to invest in bonds issued by state governments for the first time. The RBI forecasts that between October, 2015 and March, 2018, FIIs will be able to invest a total of US$26.26 billion in central and state government securities. The RBI will also allow overseas investors to hold up to 5 percent of outstanding stocks in Indian companies until March, 2018. This is positive news for both stock and fixed-income investors.

Investors across the globe are buying in to the Indian economic powerhouse at the right time. As dollar flow continues to grow, the nation only gets stronger. With a strengthening currency, a long history of investment, and quality goods and services coming from India, we can only expect this trend to continue. For investors looking to get involved, our Excel India Fund is your tool for investing in this economic powerhouse.

1 Bloomberg data in CDN terms, as at September 30, 2015

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