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3 Compelling Reasons to Invest in the Excel High Income Fund

  1. High Yield Investment Grade Bonds

    The Excel High Income Fund provides access to a diversified portfolio of sovereign and corporate emerging market (“EM”) bonds in both local and U.S. currency. It provides an annual income distribution of approximately 5.7%, paid monthly, which is significantly higher than the yields provided by Canadian sovereign and corporate bonds with a similar credit rating.

  2. Portfolio Diversification

    EM bonds have a low correlation to other asset classes, representing a significant opportunity for portfolio diversification, volatility and risk reduction, and enhanced long-term returns. The EM fixed income also offers diversification in terms of geography, credit quality, duration, and currency exposure.

  3. World Class Manager

    The Excel High Income Fund is actively managed by Excel Investment Counsel Inc. and Amundi S.A.. With approximately USD $1 trillion in AUM worldwide, Amundi S.A. is a leading European asset manager and is one of the top 10 asset managers in the world. Amundi S.A. is also a global leader in the fixed income sphere with approximately USD $690 billion in AUM.
    AUM figures as of March 31, 2015 

3 Compelling Reasons to Invest in the Excel High Income Fund Fonds de revenu élevé Excel - raisons convaincantes d'investir:


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