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Excel Emerging Markets Fund
Series A
Excel Emerging Markets Fund Series A
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Excel Emerging Markets Fund

Generate alpha through sustainable macro themes

The Excel Emerging Markets Fund targets long-term capital appreciation, by investing in equity securities issued by companies located in the emerging markets throughout the world. Strategy highlights for this fund include: High growth potential, Broad geographic exposure, Medium risk rating and Currency hedging provides scope for greater returns.

Strategy Highlights
Invest in a geographically diversified portfolio of attractive opportunities in emerging markets
Diversified portfolio of securities in some of the fastest growing regions in the world
Focused on achieving strong risk-adjusted returns
Emerging market stocks are at a compelling valuation and positioned to outperform developed markets in the long-term
Emerging markets are on average growing at a rate that is more than twice as fast as developed markets, have significantly lower debt and control a large portion of the world’s foreign exchange reserves
Managed by Christine Tan, Chief Investment Officer & Senior Portfolio Manager at Excel Investment Counsel Inc. who uses scenario analysis to react quickly to changes in the macroeconomic and earnings outlook for individual countries

Value of C$10,000 Invested

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* Since inception day (10/22/2010)

Portfolio Manager

Excel Investment Counsel Inc.

Excel Investment Counsel Inc. (“EIC”) provides investment advisory and portfolio management services to the mutual funds managed by Excel Funds Management Inc. (EFM), Canada’s only emerging markets focused mutual fund provider. > Read More

Christine Tan

Christine Tan
Chief Investment Officer & Senior Portfolio Manager

Christine Tan has over 15 years of financial industry experience and has been managing the Excel Emerging Markets Fund since January, 2013. The fund is managed by Excel Investment Counsel Inc., an affiliate of Excel Funds Management Inc.


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