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Excel Blue Chip Equity Fund
Series F
Excel Blue Chip Equity Fund Series F
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Strategy Highlights
Gain exposure to multinational companies located around the world which derive a portion of their revenues through activities in emerging markets
High quality, global companies with strong growth potential, diversified across countries and sectors
Currency exposure managed to protect against losses or reduce volatility resulting from changes in foreign exchange rates, interest rates or market indices
Proprietary quantitative models used to screen investment universe and fundamental, bottom-up analysis actively determine optimal asset allocation
Monthly distribution of two cents per unit
Managed by Excel Investment Counsel Inc.



Value of C$10,000 Invested

End Value ():  

Initial Investment: C$ 

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Portfolio Manager

Excel Investment Counsel Inc.

Excel Investment Counsel Inc. (“EIC”) provides investment advisory and portfolio management services to the mutual funds managed by Excel Funds Management Inc. (EFM), Canada’s only emerging markets focused mutual fund provider. > Read More


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